Buxus ball

Do you want a Buxus ball in your garden? It is not only beautiful, it is also evergreen and hardy.

Why should you choose a Buxus Ball?

  • The boxwood ball in a pot or garden is a real eye-catcher
  • It is green all year round
  • The plant is hardy
  • Its growth is quite slow
  • The ball can be pruned very easily
  • It can withstand shade
  • The plant is not expensive

The best time to plant a Buxus ball is between October and the end of April. But how do you plant a Buxus ball?

  • When you put it in your garden, make sure to remove any weeds as you won’t want the buxus to compete for nutrition and moisture
  • Dig a hole about 15 times as deep and wide as te root ball
  • Make sure that you loosen the soil well
  • Sprinkle some lime in the hole and mix it through the substrate
  • Mix the substrate with compost and plenty of leafy soil
  • Place the buxus ball upright in the hole, the top of the root ball should be equal to the ground level
  • Fill the hole with soil and press down well with your hands or feet
  • Water the ball sufficiently. Provide it with enough water but not much water.
  • Give the ball manure pallets when it starts to grow